Backsplashes: The Blank Canvas of Your Kitchen

When designing any space, it is important to establish a visual anchor – something that ties the elements together and evokes a sense of harmony. When it comes to your kitchen, the easiest place to do this is your backsplash.

For most people, traditional materials such as ceramic tile or stone come to mind for this area. However, what you may not know is that a glass backsplash offers many benefits that traditional materials do not. Sanitary, durable, and timeless, glass is the ideal option for those who prefer a low-maintenance kitchen.

Digitally Printed Glass Backsplash

With digitally printed glass, your design options are limited only by your imagination. We can design or replicate any image or pattern with this application.

The power of print: Geo Originals is a great example of impactful imagery as a design element.

Custom Carved Glass Backsplash

Our custom carved patterns are another eye-catching option. Offering a large array of pattern and color combinations, we’re sure to have something to complement any style.

The interplay of light and shadow in this stage carved dunes backsplash makes it the star of this modern, understated kitchen.

Mirror & Antique Mirror Glass Backsplash

Mirror and antique mirror are great alternatives to a traditional backsplash. Serving both functionality and style, this option also has the added benefit of making your space look bigger.

Let There Be More Light: This painted mirror backsplash at Nye's Bar brightens up the space by reflecting the natural light from the windows.

Our glass capabilities and techniques include:

Stained & Leaded Glass

Color Stained
Clear & Antique Glass
Recycled Glass
Fused Glass
Custom Edgework