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Like our glass art, our process can be customized to meet the needs of any particular project. The following, however, are key steps and milestones for every custom project. From the design of a unique glass look, to an on-site audit of your space, to the careful crafting of the glass element and finishing with meticulous professional glass installation, our glass design process is simply the best. Explore our offerings, and we’ll be happy to explain the process and talk with you about your project.


In this phase, our team meets with you to determine possible needs and solutions for your project. This can take place in our design showroom and studio, where you can see and touch the various options, or discuss over the phone.


Depending on the project, one or more glass samples may be needed to demonstrate color, texture and other features. Because glass art is not a process of mechanical reproduction, these samples indicate the general direction of the design. Final works will show some natural variation from the samples.

Raw Glass Inspection

We are known among our suppliers for our exacting requirements for quality control. Every piece of glass that comes into the studio undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure quality. We work with the best, and reject the rest.

On-site Audit

When the design is approved, it may be necessary for our team to measure the on-site location to determine the exact specifications. An approved work order and blueprint is forwarded to our studio team to begin the process.


With an approved work order and preferred glass choice, our team of artisans go to work executing your glass design. The work is laid out, prepped, and the processes are monitored and completed by the team.


We offer an in-house glass installation crew, and we also consult with our customers who employ their own installation personnel.


Post-installation, we review with you to ensure that the project was completed to your satisfaction.

GlassArt Design is a Minnesota glass company located in downtown Minneapolis. Visit our showroom in the North Loop to view the largest selection of art glass in the Midwest. Contact us today for a free consultation or to get started on your project!

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