GridLines™: GlassArt Design’s Metal Grid Glass

Do you ever wonder what to do with a big blank wall? With the design goals of adding light and architectural interest to a tight space, a large scale mirror or glass wall can be the best solution.  Metal Grid Glass Panels or Walls can add an interesting architectural element to your space while maintaining a bright open feel.  A rectangular metal grid over any glass allows the glass to break up and divide the space while not closing the space or room off. 

Metal Grid Glass Panels & Walls

Rectangular Grid Glass Panels can be used beyond just walls, using a similar design for doors and mirrors can also add light and visual interest to any space.  In smaller spaces, where you need to separate the space, metal grid panel walls accompanied with a glass metal grid door provides the requires separation without making the space feel smaller or more closed in.  Shower enclosures are another great application!  Metal grid shower doors are a popular choice for their modern design and industrial simplicity. Create an on-trend bathroom with our  industrial black framed shower enclosure. It weighs less than heavy metal frames, no messy grids to clean and clearly makes these bathrooms standout.

Metal Rectangular Grid Glass Panels have an endless list of possibilities, and come in black, brushed nickel, polished chrome and brushed chrome!  For more information or a consultation on your project Contact Us Today!