Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors add visual impact to any piece of furniture or room, and bring a classic, old world look to any modern space.  This popular technique of “antiquing” evokes historical design details for visual interest to a mirror. GlassArt Design stocks 8 different antique finishes to select from. Vintage style mirrors add a classic style to your home or business.

antique mirror glassart design
Backsplash antique mirror increases the view from the back of the bar to the outside view. Let your bar shine with GlassArt Design antique mirrors.

Classic Antique Mirrors, A Timeless Look

Classic mirrors add vintage style to a modern room, or be a perfect touch to finish that classic design.  Whether you are a homeowner, designer or an architect, a distressed or antique look may be just the element missing from your space to provide a timeless look and pull a design together.

Our in-house design team has compiled 8 antique patterns to choose from, or we can create a custom design just for you.  We can cut the mirror to any size and up to 3/4″ thick.  Contact GlassArt Design today, or visit our showroom to see examples of all our antique patterns!

Mirrors, Not Just For Bathrooms

As bathrooms in the home continue to become more modern, and minimalist in design, mixing in classic materials to accentuate those features can have a powerful effect.  An old world style mirror can add the sense of luxury and flawlessly blend with the rest of the modern elements.  Classic Antiqued Mirrors make great tiles, walls or doors as well, perfect for showers, closets, or as accent pieces for living rooms and dens

Antiquing a glass backsplash however can add an equally exquisite focal point in a kitchen, bar or restaurant.  Glass in general is easy to maintain, and an antique classic mirror backsplash can create the illusion of more space, highlight other features in your space, and tie your kitchen and bar together with your dining area.

Let There Be More Light: This painted mirror backsplash at Nye's Bar brightens up the space by reflecting the natural light from the windows.

Working with GlassArt Design

GlassArt Design customizes high-quality antique mirrors & glass to your exact specifications. We offer more than 8 edge styles and because they are custom-cut mirrors we can finish them in any size. Work with our design professionals to determine the best fit for your space and needs! Check out our Minneapolis Show Room for more sample or design inspiration! Bring your vision to life with a collaborative approach to glass and art.