Antique Mirror

GlassArt Design specializes in classic, old world Antique Mirror.  Antique mirror adds visual impact to any piece of furniture or room.  This popular technique of “antiquing” evokes historical design details for visual interest to a mirror. GlassArt Design stocks 8 different antique finishes to select from, to add style to your interior. 

Classic Antique, Timeless Look

Antique mirror adds vintage style to a modern room, or be a perfect touch to finish that classic design.  Whether you are a homeowner, designer or an architect, a distressed or antique look may be just the element missing from your space to provide a timeless look and pull a design together.

Our in-house design team has compiled 8 antique patterns to choose from, or we can create a custom design just for you.  We can cut the mirror to any size and up to 3/4″ thick.  Contact GlassArt Design today, or visit our showroom to see examples of all our antique patterns!

antique mirror glassart design
Backsplash antique mirror increases the view from the back of the bar to the outside view. Let your bar shine with GlassArt Design antique mirrors.