The New Vision For Privacy.

When it comes to custom privacy solutions, GlassArt really delivers!

The last year has transformed the way we think about privacy, as well as the way germs spread in public settings. Combining our switchable glass with our etching, firemolding, paint and carve capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

Work From Home

Working from home? Our switchable glass gives you the benefit of privacy without sacrificing natural sunlight or completely closing off a room with a wall. Our etched and fire-molded patterns allow you to create a unique design statement.


It’s especially important to minimize germs in a healthcare setting. Curtains or shades collect dust and bacteria, but our switchable glass is non-porous, and provides privacy with the flip of a switch.


Switchable glass in conference rooms and private offices offer privacy without collecting dust and bacteria like curtains or blinds. With switchable, etched, carved and fire-molded glass, you can upgrade any office to make it more beautiful, private, and safe.