Color Your Home! 12 Glass Artwork Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Summertime is in full swing, which means it’s time to draw all your curtains or blinds and let sunshine into your home. To fully embrace the light your home has to offer and create a truly unique space, look no further than glass artwork. Incorporating glass artwork to your home can create a kaleidoscope of colors, whether that’s adding a stained glass window or a centerpiece to your dining room table.

We’ve reached out to glass artists from Minneapolis, MN to Vancouver, CA for their expert advice on bringing glass artwork into your home. Check out what they had to say so you can embrace a rainbow of colors into your space. 

Architectural glass can enrich the character of any building, always adding style and charm to a home. Its translucent and transparent qualities make it a useful and elegant element for windows, entryways, doors, exterior, and interior walls, swimming pools, and skylights. – Mila Apperlo, Abstract Artist at Apperlo Art

Any glass art piece is special and unique. If you want a “soft” look choose clear and pastel colored glass with texture. It will shoot patterns and maybe rainbows on your wall with the right light. If you want rich jewel-like colors, make sure you have bright light during a good portion of the day. Ask the artisan to “hide” a delightful little detail into the design. It will become such a special discovery item and a delightful conversation piece. – Christina Amri, Amri Studio Inc.

Glasswork can make an impact without color. We have used art glass as a way to bring historic interest and texture into a space. Lead came glasswork panels don’t have to be colorful to be beautiful. In our case, using a window with beveled and textured glass can give a bathroom remodel some elegant historic charm while maintaining that restrained monochromatic palette. – Geno Salimena, gusto! design studio

Think about textured clear glass. When choosing stained glass many think of colorful church windows, but custom home builders today have begun incorporating clear textured glass instead of colors to add more character to the home without getting too busy. Glass gives you the option to add beauty to form and function, adding modern charm to any room in the home. Whether it’s frameless fire-molded showers, an antique mirror backsplash, or environmentally-friendly recycled glass countertops, there are an infinite number of options to add luster and elegance to your home. – Andrew LeJeune, Glass Art Design

Keep these 3 things in mind when placing a glass art piece. 1) Lighting and perspective. Because of its translucency, glass art changes dramatically depending on how it’s lit. And, a piece viewed tabletop, will also have a completely different look when in a niche 7 feet from the ground. 2) A room has a feeling, an energy created by what it contains. All art needs to relate well to other art pieces. This can mean harmonizing, or dramatically contrasting. 3) Every art piece needs room to breathe. The more room, the more central to being viewed. – Lucy Chamberlain

Color is key. Understand the colors you respond to and use them to have a party. Remember that the magic of glass is color. The more color and the more light illuminating that color, the more the magic becomes part of your life. Color, color, color will make you happy. – James Stone owner and lead artist at Stone and Glass

Collect pieces that unite your style. The first thing to do is become a collector, whether it be contemporary glass, vintage pieces, or a combination of both. Look for wall art, vases, bowls, plates, drinking glasses, that can be color coordinated or maybe thematic. Tableware is another wonderful way to bring beautiful glass into your home, where you can share meals on gorgeous handmade glass. – Cathi Milligan, The Glass Studio

Glass art is all about lighting. In order to reap the rewards of your glass art, consider how you will light your piece. This is true for both architectural or sculptural glass. Spiro Lyon Glass creates one of a kind cast glass panels that allow 90% of the light to pass through the glass, yet the thickness of the panel offers privacy to the space. – Jacqueline Spiro Balderson, Spiro Lyon Glass

Glass catches light like no other material making for an endlessly changing visual element in your space. Glass is unparalleled in its physical durability. Artwork with glass will never fade, so go bold and hang glass artwork in sunny spots where other artwork wouldn’t dare to go. Hang glass artwork at a 45° angle from a natural light source for maximum shimmer and sparkle. This same shimmer can be created with angled LED lighting. Use cool temperature bulbs to keep colors crisp. Hang glass artwork in a space you walk by – think entry wall, halls, stairwells, dining rooms. It’ll catch your eye with a new shimmer every time you move by. – Heather Hancock, Heather Hancock Studio

Glass art ties a room together. Properly placed in the corner by a window or beneath a track light, translucent glass sculptures accent nearby upholstery, while also displaying in shadow rings of colorful light on an adjacent wall space or flooring, creating a secondary, near “pop-up” art display. Glass sculptures provide the weightiness of filling an empty corner with the heaviness of blocking the flow of energy in a room. As a sculptural form, being translucent and light-flowing, or opaque and textural, glass forms move both light and energy in a room, while also counterbalancing more stationary objects like furniture, especially those sculptures referencing the bendable and organic lines often found in nature. – Melissa Ayotte, Ayotte Glass Studio

Art has the innate ability to transform the space it is in. Whether enriching an existing color palette by incorporating a vibrant pop of color from a unique hand-blown glass vessel, or playing with how the light interacts with the colors of a delicate, hand-blown sculpture and the room throughout the day are excellent examples of using glass to create a bold statement and bring an elegant balance to your space. – Shannon Teeple, Studio Manager of epiphany glass studio

Think out of the box for color pop, window shelf or table by window can be the best place for the light to change and enhance the colors in blown glass throughout the changing light all day. Think of some colors that are bright and different from your home’s interior, maybe even some garden art in front of a window that looks great from inside and out. – Mark & Marcus Ellinger, Glass Quest Studio

Originally published by Redfin