Spring Projects: Glass Railings

The weather is getting warmer and either you are running out of time to finish up your indoor projects, or you are looking forward to that first outdoor project.  One of our favorite projects is one that can fit indoors or outdoors, and can make either space equally beautiful, its a glass railing.  Glass railings can be a great way to provide security without obstructing the view of your room or outdoor space.

An Outdoor Glass Railing Can Protect Your Space Without Obstructing The View

Outdoors, glass railings around decks or patios do not obstruct the view of your lake, lawn or of your children playing in the back yard.  They modernize your home with a sleek, luxurious look while providing excellent strength and security.  Glass railings can also make your deck or patio feel larger, and more open, making your outdoor living space more inviting.

Our glass railings are made to handle long winters and beautiful summers outside. They are easy to maintain, solid and strong. Take in the beautiful view from your home all year long. If you are looking to replace your current deck or patio railing, or even want to update an interior staircase or loft railing, give us a call or stop in for a visit!  We would love to share some of our options!

Modernize Your Space By Replacing Your Bulky Traditional Railing

Traditional, bulky wood railings get in the way of the open, beautiful living space you spent a lot of time and money to cultivate.  Interior glass railings are a stylish, modern solution that provide a safe barrier without obstructing your view.  As a railing to a staircase, glass railings can give your home a modern look and make the staircase the focal point of your entire space.

Glass stair railings allow more light in tighter stair cases without sacrificing the strength and security of traditional railings.  Glass railings are easier to maintain than wood as well, and can be finished as a frameless design or with a sleek, modern rail to complete your look.