GlassArt Accents, Accessories, Art and Carvings

Capture The Eye With Glass Accents

The right glass feature with the right placement can serve as a centerpiece—or as a subtle influence on the character of an environment. The artisans at GlassArt Design bring a creative eye and experienced hand to such details. Each of our glass accents is designed for the space to add a distinctive expression.

Donor Walls

Recognizing your donors provides an opportunity to also say something meaningful about the values and aesthetics of your organization. Glass artworks are a unique and creative approach to make that statement.

Lighting Features

No other element in our environment is so subtle, and yet so vital, as light—and glass plays a key role on how we perceive light.

Water Features

A strong element to create drama in an environment is water; an artful use of light and water together can bring a space into harmony.

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