Dichroic Laminated Glass

If your are looking for ways to add a beautiful focal point or just a splash of color to your residential or commercial design, consider colored glass. Our Dichroic Laminated Glass is a perfect solution because the color and gradient vary according to the angle of view and light.

Dichroic laminated glass, lets you live boldly in color. Tabletops, railings, partitions & more…the possibilities are endless. Dichroic laminated color glass can also be a perfect way to show off your brand’s logo or products. And, just like our recycled glass, Dichroic color glass also shares the qualities of being easy to maintain, durable, and clean!

Glass, In Any Color

GlassArt Design’s back painted glass process can be used in a variety of applications, such as back painted glass backsplashes or countertops. We can custom-coat glass of any thickness with any color. Our artisans hand-mix colors to match Pantone® colors or to visually match the color of your choice. Coatings can be applied to provide either a gloss or matte finish with the color. We can also apply a marine-grade Clear Shield coating that bonds to the glass and makes it maintenance-friendly.