Glass EdgeWork

All glass materials can receive many different glass edge finishes.  From a smooth, clean machine cut to a more organic, artistic edge finish that GlassArt design specializes in.  Using either machine rollers or hand tools, our artisans create a variety of edge finishes, ranging from jagged edges to a flat polished edge to bevels and rolled finishes.

glass edgework table
Edgework can make for a clean finish or can really make a statement.

Custom Glass EdgeWork

GlassArt Design can finish off your glass project with machine cut flat edge, beveled edge or seamed edge and more glass edge finishes for that perfect fit.  Or, for a more unique glass edgework design, we specialize in a variety of edge finishes, ranging from jagged edges to a tapped edge to nibbled and broken edge finishes.

GlassArt Design works with designers, contractors, architects and home homeowners to get that perfect finish.  Contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other edge finishes!