Firemolded Glass

Our Firemolded glass is heated in a kiln until it is soft, at which point it relaxes into a mold loaded into the kiln. The result is a fluid, organic pattern that varies naturally from panel to panel.

firemolded glass shower door
GlassArt Design's Firemolded Glass Backsplash

Custom from Edge to Edge

Because firemolded glass techniques use molds to form the final design, the glass piece can be finished with any texture right down to the edge. Create a unique look with partition walls that can vary in height, while not conforming to a traditional rectangular shape.

GlassArt design offers completely custom firemolded textures and finished edges for a wide variety of uses. Firemolded shower enclosures offer privacy with a bold, defining look. Firemolded privacy and partitioned walls create inviting spaces that enhance rather than hinder your room or meeting space.  Fire Molded glass backsplashes can be enhanced with back painted color or LED lights to really become the centerpiece of your kitchen. 

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