Beautiful Glass Cashier Shields

It’s a whole new world, and we need to focus on the health and safety of our customers and coworkers like never before. Plexiglass worked as a quick fix, but GlassArt’s glass cashier shields are the permanent solution: not overly complicated or oppressive, just sleek, sterile and beautiful.

GlassArt Design’s Cashier Shields are made from tempered glass materials usually used for museum quality-type signs or decorative signs that might have a company logo on display. The glass is clear for easy visibility and is easy to clean and sanitize, while being non-porous. Glass won’t allow germs to collect in pores like plexiglass. There’s a reason why glass is used in medical and food prep environments.

Glass Cashier Shield

Why Use Glass For Safety/Cashier Shields?

NON-POROUS: Glass won’t allow germs to collect in pores like plexiglass. There’s a reason why glass is used in medical and food prep environments.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: Use a surface cleaner and a paper towel to clean and disinfect glass. Standard cleaning products cause plexiglass to become cloudy and paper towels scratch it.

SCRATCH RESISTANT:  Tempered glass is very durable, whereas plexiglass is easily scratched. Scratches are unsightly and a breeding ground for germs.

VALUE: Glass will likely never need replacement, whereas plastic alternatives will have to be replaced routinely as they degrade.

ECO-FRIENDLY:  Glass can be recycled!…plexiglass cannot. 

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