Beautiful Glass Sneeze Guards

Glass Sneeze Guards or glass cashier shield decrease the risk of being exposed to airborne droplets from viruses, colds and flus, etc (including the Corona Virus/COVID-19).  Display your commitment to your most valuable resource with the solid permanence of tempered glass.

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, businesses will never operate the same again.  Safety and health will be increasingly more important to both employers and consumers.  Government may even enact new laws increasing the safety requirements for all businesses.  Cashier safety shields are one important step to give your employees and your customers peace of mind while protecting your business.

Glass Cashier Guards – Why Choose Glass?

GlassArt Design’s glass cashier shields are sleek and beautiful while not overly intrusive.  Our shield protectors can be customized to fit your counter or POS location, and can be customized with your logo or custom messaging. 

Protection: Glass Sneeze Guards decrease the risk of being exposed to airborne droplets from viruses, colds and flus, (including the Corona Virus/COVID-19) etc by providing a solid barrier between the cashier/employee and the customer.

Non-porous: CPS Glass surfaces won’t allow germs to collect in pores and scratches like Plexiglas.

Easy to maintain: Simply clean Glass Sneeze Guards or Glass Cashier shields with virtually any surface cleaner and paper towels. Most standard cleaning products cause Plexiglas to become cloudy and paper towels cause scratching.

Scratch resistant: CPS Glass is very difficult to scratch, unlike Plexiglas. Germs can build up in Plexiglas scratches.

Value: CPS Glass will likely never need replacement, whereas Plexiglas will have to be replaced routinely due to clouding and scratches.

Eco-friendly: CPS Glass can be recycled. Plexiglas cannot be recycled.

GlassArt Design is manufacturing custom glass sneeze guards in Minneapolis but also snips nationwide! Contact us today to learn more about how GlassArt Design can help get your retail location prepared and ready to serve your customers quickly, safely and beautifully!