Patterned Glass

GlassArt Design provides dozens of unique patterns for applications such as shower stalls or office dividers. Patterned glass is in-stock and manufactured in factories to conform to a consistent texture or pattern.

Optimal Light.  Optimal Privacy.

GlassArt Design offers a wide range of textures and pattern glass that offer just the right amount of light and privacy. Patterned glass compliments any room with a bold, clean look wether its a patterned glass shower door, kitchen cabinets, or a privacy wall.

The abundance of options in pattern glass adds visual interest through the use of varying thicknesses that provide just the right amount of light to pass for the space. Pattern glass is an optimal solution when you want light to pass through shared spaces, but need an element of privacy or want to still conceal what lies behind it. GlassArt Design can work with you to determine the best solution for your goals, visit us at our Minneapolis showroom or contact us today!