Using Old World Design to Modernize a Legendary Hot Spot

Antique mirrors can add vintage style to a modern room, or be a perfect touch to finish that classic design. Whether you are a homeowner, designer or an architect, a distressed or antique look may be just the element missing from your space to provide a timeless look and pull a design together.

GlassArt Design specializes in classic, old world Antique Mirrors. Antique mirrors can add visual impact to any piece of furniture or room. This popular technique of “antiquing” evokes historical design details for visual interest to a mirror. GlassArt Design stocks 8 different antique finishes to select from, to add style to your interior.


The Minneapolis bar at the corner of East Hennepin Avenue and Lourdes Place has been called Nye’s since1950, when Albin Nye took over Prince Café owned by Hefron’s, a “working man’s bar” occupying the 1880’s building.

After 135 years, the building began to need too many repairs, and the decision was made to close the bar.  That is until 2017 when the new developers of the building were urged to open a new bar in the old space, and the group decided to open the “New Nye’s Bar” and operate a bar that captured the feeling of the famed Nye’s – recognizing the need to accommodate customers between 22 to 80 years.

Careful consideration was dedicated to the design of the totally renovated space to include a nostalgic built – in piano bar design reminiscent of the Polonaise Room. The original Nye’s Bar sign hangs on the original exposed brick on one wall, murals accompany another wall, and the center piece of the space is the bar itself.  GlassArt Design helped create an Antique Mirror backing to the main bar area that honors the history of the 135 year old space, while providing a stunning, eye catching center piece for a new generation of patrons.