Firemolded Glass: Stunning and Versatile

Firemolded glass patterns vary in softness, texture, depth, and movement. The patterns are set into the glass once it is heated and softened, so each panel has its own unique characteristics as the firemolded patterns set into place. Planning a room, with firemolded glass in mind, adds an element of design that can’t be matched by any other material.

Our designers will meet with you from the beginning of your design concept to determine possible needs and solutions to your project, including which Firemolded texture best suits your style and space. We offer over 40 patterns and textures or we can create a custom pattern just for you.

glassart design designers firemolded glass
firemolded glass patterns
Patterns shown above (clockwise from top left): Batik, Ripple, Bamboo, and Sienna

Are you ready to transform your residential or commercial space with glass? We offer the widest variety of capabilities and techniques, including: Etching, Carving, Stained & Leaded Glass, Firemolded, Firepolished, Patterned, Back-Painted, Color Stained, Clear & Antique Glass, Recycled Glass, Laminating, and Custom Edgework.