Step Inside Our Shop

Stepping into our shop brings a sense of excitement and inspiration.  All of our glass is designed and made in the shop with our team of talented artisans.

When you walk through our shop, you’ll see glass pieces at all stages: from the beginning design stages, to being carefully back painted, heated in our kilns, sandblasted to make carved and firemolded textures, and so much more. Each artisan works carefully and meticulously, contributing to a work space that is focused and impressive.  Plan your next visit to our shop!

Regardless of your project, we will work with you to meet your needs. Our capabilities and techniques include: Etching, Carving, Stained & Leaded Glass, Firemolded, Firepolished, Patterned, Back-Painted, Color Stained, Clear & Antique Glass, Recycled Glass, Laminating, and Custom Edgework.