Sustainable Elegance with EcoLuxe Recycled Glass

At GlassArt Design, we create EcoLuxe Recycled Glass pieces using broken tempered glass. We carefully place it into a mold and fuse it together to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind countertops, tabletops, partitions, and backsplashes.

With EcoLuxe Glass, no resin is added. 
It is 100% sustainable, by using only recycled glass.
All work is performed at GlassArt Design, using only locally sourced glass.
EcoLuxe Glass can be back painted or frit molded to fulfill any design concept.

Our glass capabilities and techniques include:
Etching, Carving, Stained & Leaded Glass, Firemolded, Firepolished, Patterned, Back-Painted, Color Stained, Clear & Antique Glass, Recycled Glass, Laminating, Fused Glass, Bonding and Custom Edgework.