2020 Trends in Glass: Digitally Printed Glass, Glass Ceilings & Glass Dividers

GlassArt’s team of artisans and designers curated a list of trends we are seeing so far this year. We gathered 2020’s trends in glass so you can tie in these awe-inspiring features to your next design concept.

Digitally Printed Glass

There is no limit to pattern, imagery, or color when it comes to digitally printed glass. GlassArt Design is proud to collaborate with GEO originals™ artisans to ignite new possibilities in glass this year.

Glass Ceilings Details

With glass ceilings, you bring more light into a room, elevate the space, and raise the standard for what it takes to complete a space. 

Glass Sliding Dividers

GlassArt Design believes in utilizing the powerful features of glass in all spaces, including the spaces that are considered transitional. Divide two rooms with glass to enhance both spaces.