Enhance Your Design with Etched Glass

Etched glass is one of the most popular and widely used decorative glass options. Etched or frosted glass, offers unlimited possibilities while retaining a clean, classic look, which allows light to pass while preserving an element of privacy. GlassArt Design offers dozens of glass patterns, or you can provide your own designs or logos that can be etched or carved into glass.

Glass Walls & Partitions

Etched glass walls & partitions are perfect for either home or office environments and can transform a space creating an atmosphere of serenity. Extremely strong and durable, glass walls are a great choice for any commercial and residential place.  Our walls & panels can be customized to any sizes or shape with virtually any design or pattern.  The custom frosting allows you to achieve the desired level of translucency to maintain natural light while breaking up a larger space. The opaque glass is also a great choice for office windows & doors and are widely used in offices & meeting rooms where privacy is important.  Etched glass walls can help transition an ordinary space into an extraordinary & aesthetically pleasing space anyone would want to spend time. 

Glass Doors & Enclosures

Frosted or etched glass doors are perfect for offices, pantries, or even glass shower doors. Glass offers incredible sound-insulation providing privacy and sleek design. GlassArt Design manufactures frameless glass shower doors which combined with etched design, offer a beautiful element to any bathroom design. Our in-house installation and design teams are equipped for virtually any bathroom project type.  Whether working with a homeowner, designer, or architect our team can help complete your project, we also have an in-store glass shower door showroom, to help you make your design decisions.

Etched design is extremely versatile.  From glass walls and partitions, to glass doors, mirrors and shower doors or even glass backsplashes or tabletops. Etched glass can be used to create any glass pattern, logos, words, or opacity to create a final product unique to your design. Whether  you are looking for total privacy without restricting light transmission, a fully frosted design is perfect.  Patterns, shapes, words/quotes and logos allow you to express your creativity or brand.   Any design or pattern can be etched onto glass.  Our team can help you with your design!