Etched Glass

Etched glass applies a light, frosted texture to glass via sandblasting. Etching can be done evenly over an entire piece, or areas of the glass may be masked prior to sandblasting to create patterns, depth, and texture.

Etched Glass Patterns

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a popular choice for any space where you want to create some element of privacy while still allowing light to pass in to the space. In homes, etching is used on windows, mirrors, shower doors and more. Techniques can also be used to create patterns, monograms or even logos on glass surfaces. Commercial spaces benefit from etched glass privacy walls for offices or conference rooms.

Modern office spaces are using glass partitions to frame their spaces more often than a traditional cubicle system. One of the challenges with glass partition walls in office spaces is privacy. Etching provides a frosty texture that provides that needed privacy for offices or doors. Additional benefits of etching is the ability to add your company’s logo, or the suite number for your office providing an attractive, clean look.

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