Classic Elegance in Modern Design: Leaded Glass

Stained & Leaded Glass

Home design is becoming increasingly modernized with many quality of life enhancements such as glass tile backsplashes or countertops that make for easy maintenance, smart glass that allow for better, more efficient use of your home, or recycled glass that provides a beautiful, yet sustainable material option.  With many of these choices, home design is opting for a sleeker, cleaner look as well.  One old school design element that still makes a strong impression in modern home design is stained and leaded glass.

Stained Glass makes a stunning option for a front door window,  or a sidelight window to the your home, that offers privacy while an incredible amount of curb appeal.  Stained glass windows are a work of art that takes many meticulous hours of work by skilled artisans.

Interior Use for Leaded Glass

Leaded glass add a beautiful touch as cabinet glass inserts.  Leaded glass cabinet inserts provide an a decorative touch that can make your cabinets the focal point of the room, show off your china, and add a bit of old world charm to your modern room.

Leaded glass inserts make beautiful design elements between rooms.  This design leverages the subtle beauty of leaded glass as a decorative element on the ceiling and walls that allows light to pass from one room to the next without closing off the space.  There is a level of sophistication to the beauty leaded glass provides while balancing clean and modern design with classic elegance.

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