Glass Countertops

Due to its versatility and durability, glass has become an increasingly popular choice for countertops in modern design. Designers aiming to push their designs in a bolder, more unique direction have found that glass countertops afford them many more options than traditional granite or stone countertops. Glass countertops are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textures and even a variety of opacities allowing some light to pass through. If you’re looking for a distinct and fresh look for your kitchen, bathroom or office space, a glass countertop may be the perfect element your space needs.

Glass countertops have many benefits over more traditional materials. Glass is extremely durable, and won’t age over time elimination visible wear or discoloration. Glass is also extremely heat resistant, meaning hot pots and pans will not damage the surface. Glass countertops are virtually maintenance free! Glass isn’t porous like stone, making it stain free and with no cracks or crevices, glass countertops prevent dirt and bacteria from getting trapped in.

Custom Glass Table Tops

From the dinner table to the conference room table, glass table tops add another dimension to your space and share all the same benefits of glass countertops. Glass table tops can keep a room or space looking clean and spacious and can fit any design. Our custom glass tabletops can be finished in any number of textures, patterns, colors and in any shape with multiple finished edges available.

GlassArt Design makes custom glass table tops and countertops for kitchens, living rooms, office spaces, conference rooms, lobbies and a host of other spaces. Stop by our Minneapolis showroom and see for yourself, or contact us today to discuss your space!

Choose your Options

Glass Textures

GlassArt Design offers a wide variety of glass textures.  A sampling of our available glass textures are below, contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other textures!

Click on each glass texture style to see more!

Carved Glass
Etched Glass
Firemolded Glass
Patterned Glass

Glass Edge Finishes

GlassArt Design offers a variety of edge finishes, ranging from jagged edges to a flat polished edge to bevels and rolled finishes. A sampling of our available glass edges are below, contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other edge finishes!

Glass-Edge Broken Glass
Glass Edge Tapped Edge
Glass Edge Dropped Edge with deep carved dunes
Glass Edge Nible Edge
Glass Edge Broken Edge 2
Glass Edge Broken Edge 5
Glass Edge Broken Edge 4

Glass Thickness

GlassArt Design offers a wide variety of thickness for your glass project. Available thicknesses from 1/8″ to 2″ and more! Contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or to discuss your project needs!

Colored Glass Options

We can custom-coat glass of any thickness with any color. Our artisans hand-mix colors to match Pantone® colors or to visually match the color of your choice. Coatings can be applied to provide either a gloss or matte finish with the color. Contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other edge finishes!

Color Coat Glass Examples
Colored Glass Backsplash
Color Glass Commercial
Color Glass Doors