How to make a room feel larger while adding light using mirrors

No matter the size of the room or space, light plays an important role in how that space feels. By installing a mirror in your room, you can make the room feel larger by reflecting the space, and brighter by capturing more natural light. The natural light that mirrors help to reflect in a room enhances other elements of the room’s design by making the color pop under natural light versus electric. All of these benefits result in a larger overall feel of the room.

Mirrors can give the illusion of having an extra window. This mirror over a small bar area adds dimension to the space. While there is no window behind this bar, this antique mirror gives the illusion of a window to the outside in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Multi Purpose Full Length Glass Mirrors

In a small space with minimal windows, consider adding a full length mirror which adds a GridGlass frame, and actually conceals a staircase while adding light and making the entire space appear larger. A full length mirror works great as a closet door, or to close off or hide other elements in the room and of course, you can use it for getting dressed as well.

GridGlass Mirror Wall

Speaking of GridGlass, this example in a dining room is a great way to brighten up the space breaking visual clutter, and adding much more natural light makes this a much more inviting dining room. It’s a great decorative piece as well, really becoming the focal point of the room.

Mirrors as Art Work

If your space doesn’t allow for a full length or entire wall covered mirror, perhaps an etched design mirror as a focal point above a sofa or fireplace will provide your living area with some beautiful artwork while still bringing all the benefits of natural light and the illusion of space to your room.

This mirror has the city of Paris etched on the surface creating a visual center piece as opposed to a painting or picture.  The etching is subtle and non-obtrusive while adding just enough reflection to attract more natural light.

GlassArt Design has an unlimited number of glass mirror options and can custom design them to any size, shape and with a number of beautiful finishes.

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