Glass Partition Walls for the Home or Office

Glass walls and partitions balance provide open organization of space while providing ample lighting and a modern architectural design. GlassArt Design’s glass partition wall systems are custom made for your space and can be finished with any number of treatments such as GridGlass or even Smart Glass technology for additional privacy. With glass partitions, you maintain an open environment while providing plenty of noise reduction.

Glass Partitions in the Home

In a smaller spaces with minimal windows, glass partitions can create a new space without making the entire space feel smaller.  Adding a GridGlass frame can clearly divide the space and add a beautiful architectural design element to your room. In master bedrooms show off your beautiful bathroom by using a glass wall to divide the space rather than a traditional wall.  Your room will feel much larger and the impact can be striking.

Glass Wall Systems for the Office

Whether its a home office or a commercial office, glass walls make an excellent choice for any office space.  Foster an open, collaborative environment without sacrificing privacy using glass partitions.  Glass walls can be more movable so as your space changes, you can more easily reconfigure your space compared to traditional wall systems.

If you need additional privacy, our switchable smart glass allows you to make your walls opaque with the push of a button, this gives you the best of both worlds.  Switchable glass is also great for hospitals where privacy is pertinent or even in your home bathroom!

GlassArt Design has an unlimited number of glass wall or partition options and can custom design them to any size, shape and with a number of beautiful finishes.

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