Digitally Printed Glass

GlassArt Design now offers digitally printed glass! Designers believe that digital images printed on glass offers them new design techniques that can achieve results that just weren’t possible before.  The final design is created by using a digital file of an image, logo, or pattern which we print onto the surface of the glass.

We use ceramic ink which is then thermally cured making it extremely durable and resistant to damage. We can print virtually any image on the glass, so maybe you want your company’s logo printed on a glass marker board? Or a large image printed on glass tiles to create a mosaic of the entire image! Perhaps you want an image digitally printed on glass and then back lit to really create that wow factor? The uses are endless, the only limit is your imagination! Contact us today for more info!

Digitally Printed Glass Backsplash

GlassArt Design can create a tiled backsplash look by digitally printing the design using ceramic ink right to the glass.  This glass backsplash is an easy-to-maintain mosaic tiled look, without all grout lines or crevices and cracks to clean.  We can print any design to glass producing a full tiled backsplash design, or even custom imagery, textures and more to achieve the ultimate look you are trying to achieve.

GEO originals™

GlassArt Design has partnered with GEO originals™ to offer some unique patterns and designs for digitally printed glass products! GEO originals™ creates microscopic images of stone capturing the stunning colors and patterns and then puts the image to textiles, wallpaper, murals, wall art and more for home decor, the hospitality industry as well as for commercial application.

Using high magnification lens we capture images deep within the microscopic typography of the stone and can transport the viewer into a micro world, far beyond what the naked eye can see. We then transfer those images onto glass and tiles. GEO originals™‘ beautiful imagery makes great patterns for glass backsplashes, glass tiles, walls and more!

If you are looking for an printed glass solutions in the Twin Cities, check out our showroom or contact us for a free consultation!