Glass Kitchen

The kitchen is the room where we spend the most time.  Glass Countertops are extremely durable, often less expensive than stone, and far easier to maintain.  Glass Backsplashes share the same qualities as countertops, but add a design, texture or even back light it for an even greater impact!

A glass kitchen can be a place of function and beauty.  Artisan-crafted cabinet door fronts with leaded glass, back painted glass backsplash tiles, or recycled EcoLuxe Glass for your countertop can do just that.

Custom Glass Kitchens

If you are renovating your existing kitchen or building your new dream kitchen, consider the unique look and wow factor a glass kitchen can provide. Whether its adding a sense of transparency mixed with a use of light in glass cabinet doors, or you want to provide a colorful accent to your counter-tops with a back painted glass backsplash, the possibilities are endless.

Glass kitchen elements offer a lot of benefits to your kitchen. The first is a bit obvious when you first see a back painted glass backsplash in a kitchen, the look is stunning. Glass backsplashes and counter-tops are also easy to maintain, cleaning is a breeze, and they are also extremely durable. Glass naturally brightens any kitchen, its a sleeker look and finish, light reflects off the surface, and glass offers a sense of opaqueness and light that other materials just don’t provide.

GlassArt Design can help you create the glass kitchen of your dreams with an endless number of possibilities. Contact us if you would like to learn more on what we have to offer or stop by our showroom to see some examples in person and really bring your vision to life!

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