Security Glass

In today’s world, “security glass” can describe very different products.  Many people looking for solutions for protecting against airborne viruses such as COVID-19/Corona Virus, will search for glass barriers for checkout counters, or for restaurants and even office spaces or schools.  GlassArt Design manufactures these “cashier shields” to any specification as well.

The other type of Security Glass is more of a protection against break-ins or even ballistic threats.

GlassArt Design now offers security glass for long-lasting protection against moderate ballistic and forced entry threats. The strength and durability as well as the versatility of ballistic level laminates make them a perfect choice for government buildings, courthouses, prisons, correctional facilities and educational institutions, as well as commercial businesses with security applications. GlassArt Design can customize the security glass clad laminates to your needs by altering thickness and composition, such as adding layers of glass or polycarbonate.  GlassArt Design can work with your team to create ballistic safety glass in house or work with our partners to meet your requirements for specific threat levels.


Ballistic Glass Clad

Ballistic Glass Clad extremely durable and light-weight transparent armor is available either in flat sheets, or curved and cut to fit your specific applications. Combining the hard surface of glass with the resilient toughness of polycarbonate, our security glass systems are specially designed to defeat threats from high-powered firearms with low or no spalling. Our Ballistic Glass Clad Laminates meet NIJ and UL standards for bullet-resistant applications.

We also manufacture laminates to meet your specific threat or standards specifications. Contact us for more info on your specific needs.