The Endless Possibilities With Colored Glass

GlassArt Design offers endless glass options for use in your residential or commercial project. Glass is a perfect place to start with your design. Glass can have a sleek, clean look. It’s economical compared to stone or other materials. It’s sustainable to the environment, you can get 100% recyclable glass. Glass is sanitary, it’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easily maintained. These traits all make glass a near perfect material for your design, but perhaps the most attractive trait is how customizable glass is. For this post, we are going focus on a couple of the various ways we can add color to our glass designs.

Eco Luxe Color Recycled Glass

Our Eco Luxe line is 100% Recycled Glass, made of Broken ‘Tempered’ Glass, and manufactured by us right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is strong and beautiful for tabletops, countertops, backsplashes, wall panels, and so much more. Recycled Glass Countertops, backsplashes, and wall panels are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean! We can add integral color to EcoLuxe by utilizing colored glass frit in the casting process, or we can mix any color—opaque or translucent–and apply it right here in GlassArt Design’s painting facility.

Chroma Dichoric Laminated Glass

If your are looking for ways to add a beautiful focal point or just a splash of color to your residential or commercial design, consider colored glass. Our Chroma is a perfect solution because the color and gradient vary according to the angle of view and light.

Chroma dichroic laminated glass, lets you live boldly in color. Tabletops, railings, partitions & more…the possibilities are endless. Chroma laminated color glass can also be a perfect way to show off your brand’s logo or products. And, just like our recycled glass, Chroma also shares the qualities of being easy to maintain, durable, and clean!

Watch how the Chroma Laminated Glass changes hues as the light hits from different angles.

The Possibilities are Endless

These are just a couple examples of how we can infuse color in to glass design.  Below are a few other ideas as you explore ways to introduce a splash of color in to your residential or commercial project.  And as always, if you have any questions about these or any other of our projects, please contact us today!

Back Painted Glass
Laminate Glass
Digitally Printed Glass
Stained and Leaded Glass