Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is often used as safety glass and is made of two separate panes of glass joined together by a layer of laminate or plastic.  If the glass were to break, the glass then sticks to the laminate or plastic joining the two pieces and preventing a shattering of glass.  Laminate Glass can be back painted to add color and can come in a variety of textures and patterns.  Laminate is also an excellent for sound proofing and blocking UV rays in windows or skylights.  Laminate is extremely durable, and is used as security glass providing ballistic grade strength for protection against threats.

Decorative Laminated Glass

Decorative laminated glass is when you apply a pattern to the glass itself to create virtually unlimited range of aesthetic options. Visually beautiful, and multi functional laminated glass provides long-lasting beauty, noise reduction acoustics, and extra privacy.  Decorative laminate makes a perfect addition to a modern office space, retail, or even in the home as shower doors, shelving and more!  The possibilities are endless, contact us today to learn more!