Versatility and Beauty of a Glass Backsplash

There is no other material more versatile than glass for your kitchen’s backsplash. Glass can be customized by changing the color, texture, pattern opacity, and even shape.

Back Painted Glass

A back painted glass backsplash can add size to smaller spaces because the shine of the glass reflects light well. You can add the illusion of more space by lighting the glass backsplash from above. By choosing a lighter color, you can further increase the illusion of space while perfectly matching the other elements in your kitchen such as the cabinets, counter tops or even the appliances.

Digitally Printed Glass

Choosing a digitally printed or etched pattern can also add a unique look to the backsplash. Large patterns or designs on the glass can also add to the illusion of a larger more open space. Tall backsplashes add lasting impact to any kitchen or bathroom. We can digitally print any style, dimension, and color in any design. Applying a digitally printed or hand painted designs such as a herring bone tile pattern can provide your kitchen that class look without the hassle of grout.

Easy to Maintain

Less is more. When selecting between digitally printed and painted glass vs. tile, one important consideration is how easy is it to maintain. Glass is seamless, requires no grout, is easy to keep clean and comes in any color and design.

Glass is a non-porous material, which means it is stain-proof, moisture-proof, and an extremely hygienic materials making it a perfect solution as a kitchen backsplash. Food and bacteria cannot permeate the surface so you will see no staining or discoloration from splashes or spills. Glass Backsplashes can easily be cleaned with water, glass cleaner, or gentle household cleaning and disinfecting products.