Mixing Color and Texture to Your Glass Project

Whether you are using glass strictly as a decorative element, a structural piece or both, you have endless possibilities available to you for the finished project. Adding color and/or texture to glass can give you the perfect amount of style, privacy, or light diffusion while providing a beautiful center piece to any room of your home.

Carved Glass

Use textured glass or patterned glass to accentuate the design of your kitchen by combining a bold color or with the use of a carved texture that you can actually feel across the glass. Carved textures are similar to etching, where the carved textured glass is achieved by sandblasting. Carved textures feature more depth and dimensionality than that of etching which results in soft, even surface,

Etched or Frosted Glass

Looking to implement a pattern that allows for some light, while maintaining privacy? Etched or frosted glass may be the perfect choice. Etched glass applies a light, frosted texture to glass via sandblasting. Etching can be done evenly over an entire piece, or areas of the glass may be masked prior to sandblasting to create patterns, depth, and texture.

Etched glass would make a perfect glass door, window, railing or as a design on a mirror to add space and dimension to any room.

Firemolded Glass

Like Carved Glass, Firemolded Glass results in a very textured finished product. Firemolded glass is heated in a kiln until it is soft, at which point it relaxes into a mold loaded into the kiln. The result is a fluid, organic pattern that varies naturally from panel to panel. Firemolded Glass also makes an excellent choice for glass doors, panels, or railings. You can also add color or LED lights to create a firemolded glass backsplash that really sets your kitchen or bar apart.

Whatever your project requires, GlassArt Design can help make sure it turns out beautiful! Check out our glass showroom in Minneapolis to see our displays, or contact us for a free consultation.