The Pros to Adding a Glass Backsplash

Whether you are designing a brand new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen, consider the many benefits of a glass backsplash. Glass backsplashes offer more options than traditional backsplashes, can be economical, easy to maintain, and are incredibly attractive.

Like many stone materials, glass backsplashes can come in a single piece cut specifically to fit your wall, or can come in individual glass tiles or even mosaic pieces. This flexibility allows the backsplash to include many different patterns to assure a perfect fit in your kitchen.

GlassArt Design offers glass backsplash solutions in many textures and an endless number of colors. Back painted backsplashes can color match any color of your choice, and owe apply the color to the back of a clear, glossy piece of glass that protects the color for years of use. This process can be done on single sheets or individual tiles, allowing you to design a truly unique space.

Glass backsplashes offer a number of benefits that make them a perfect choice:

  • Easy to Maintain! Easy to clean!
  • Great for smaller spaces! They can make a smaller space feel larger by reflecting light through the entire kitchen.
  • Extremely durable and can withstand years of use!
  • Infinitely customizable (see other ideas), so your imagination is really your only limit!

GlassArt Design can help you create the glass kitchen of your dreams with an endless number of possibilities. Contact us if you would like to learn more on what we have to offer or stop by our showroom to see some examples in person and really bring your vision to life!