Why Choose Glass Countertops?

When selecting countertops for your kitchen there are several factors to weigh: cost, durability, ease to maintain, etc are just a few things to think about.  So, why choose glass countertops over traditional stone surface countertops like granite, marble or quartz? 

Glass countertops stack up very favorably to granite countertops and other stone countertops.  Glass countertops are heat, stain and scratch resistant, and equally as durable as traditional stone countertops.  Maintenance is a breeze as with glass countertops, and the cost is inline with the cost of granite. 

How about design choices?  This is where glass countertops really shine!  Whether you are looking for translucent, textured, or colored countertops, only glass can deliver!  Glass countertops can be created in any color, and can be designed and cut without any seams and a variety of edge finishes. 

By adding L.E.D. lighting you can enhance your custom firemolded bar or counter top with illumination. Change the color to set the mood. Shown below is a fused and firemolded bar top that has a silvery metallic ColorCoat application. We added L.E.D lighting inset into the edge of the glass that changes seven different colors.

Recycled glass countertops are durable, easy to clean, and of course attractive. Our recycled glass countertops are 100% recycled glass, using broken or crushed tempered glass and then heated and melted in the form, to create new glass countertops.  Recycled Glass countertops come in an unlimited palette of opaque or translucent color treatments. All paint and stain are mixed and applied at GlassArt Design’s facility.