Winter Projects: The Bathroom Renovation

It’s that time of year in Minnesota and the upper Midwest – the time to hunker down and spend considerably more time indoors as the frigid temps arrive.  Often times, as homeowners this is when we decide to tackle a lot of indoor renovations.  As we end 2021, many of us have already spent so much time in our homes during COVID and may have already tackled some of these projects.  But for those of us who haven’t, one really big project that probably has as much importance as any others is a bathroom renovation!

Using Glass in a Bathroom Renovation

If you have done any home remodeling in the past, then you already know the most frustrating part is after you finish your project and some of the choices you made design wise quickly become out of style.  One area you will never have to worry about style is with a glass shower door or glass shower enclosure.

Glass showers are a beautiful focal point of any bathroom renovation.  From a completely frameless glass shower enclosure that provides a contemporary, upscale showering experience or a stylish glass shower door in your existing shower space, adding a new glass shower is one way to completely change the look of the entire room.

If you want to stay current with the top design trends in your bathroom renovation, a metal grid glass shower has been hot all year and looks to still remain extremely popular in 2022.  Metal grid glass can add an interesting architectural element to your space while maintaining a bright open feel.  Add our GridLines glass grid over any to break up and divide the space while not closing the space or room off. 

Adding a New Mirror to Your Bathroom Renovation

Complete your bathroom renovation with a classic glass mirror cut in an interesting shape or design.  You can have the most beautiful bathroom in the world with imported tile, or a beautifully painted glass backsplash, but the one element all guests will stare at most in your new bathroom is the mirror.  Often overlooked, but a mirror can really make or break a bathroom.

Consider your space and decide on a mirror that is right for your overall design.  If you have a large vanity that requires a large mirror, or a custom one-of-a-kind vanity that only a truly unique mirror can complement, GlassArt Design has you covered. We can custom cut any size or shape mirror you can dream of and our traditional ¼” thick Classic Mirror has high silver content and multiple coats of paint on the back to keep the silver from tarnishing.

Color and Finishes

GlassArt Design offers custom design glass bathroom solutions with many finishes. Virtually any color of glass is available for your bathroom! You can get many finishes from etched glass, patterned glass or fire molded glass, to carved glass textures or fire polished glass. Glass bathroom elements can be finished in many different shapes and edges that give a jagged or eroded look.

If you would like to learn more about GlassArt design’s glass bathroom offerings, we would love to talk to you, contact us or stop by our showroom to learn more!