Glass Bathrooms

Turn your mundane space into a place of beauty with a custom glass bathroom. The high traffic and demanding functions of the bathroom make it an obvious choice for glass. An etched glass shower stall, a Firemolded vanity sink, or an antiqued mirror provides an artful focus for your bathroom, turning it into a retreat with added spa-like influences.

Whether you are looking for a metal grid glass shower, a stunning digitally printed glass backsplash or wall, or switchable smart glass for added privacy, GlassArt Design can help you design the bathroom of your dreams!

Create a Stunning Look with a Custom Glass Bathroom

One of the hottest looks and biggest trends in interior design is the use of glass in bathrooms. Whether you want to completely replace your traditional marble or stone bathroom elements or just compliment your existing bathroom with a wow factor, glass is a versatile choice that offers an endless number of styles.

Because glass is so versatile, it can work with all natural stone or tile bathroom designs. Glass bathrooms can offer more than just glass shower doors, they can include glass sinks, glass counter-tops, even glass backsplashes. The possibilities are really endless.

GlassArt Design offers custom design glass bathroom solutions with many finishes. Virtually any color of glass is available for your bathroom! You can get many finishes from etched glass, patterned glass or fire molded glass, to carved glass textures or fire polished glass. Glass bathroom elements can be finished in many different shapes and edges that give a jagged or eroded look.

If you would like to learn more about GlassArt design’s glass bathroom offerings, we would love to talk to you, contact us or stop by our showroom to learn more!

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