Winter Projects: The Kitchen Renovation

Winters in Minnesota are largely spent indoors where its warm, and much of that time is spent in the kitchen. Using glass in your kitchen renovation will add many benefits for every day life as well as value to your home!  So if you’re looking for a winter project and considering a kitchen rennovation, we have some tips for you!

Choosing a Glass Countertop for your Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is probably one of the most trafficked area of your home.  Your countertops likely serve many uses, food prep area, work station, entertainment area, coffee bar and more!  When choosing a countertop, all these different uses need to be considered, along with other factors such as durability and maintenance.  Glass Countertops offer many benefits over other materials.  Glass is extremely durable, and easier to maintain than tile or stone.  Glass countertops are also infinitely customizable to any shape, size or color with a multitude of textures and edge finishes.

GlassArt Design also offers recycled glass countertops.  Recycled glass countertops are made from broken tempered glass which is heated and melted to the form of your design, all done right here in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Recycled glass offers a sustainable solution to your kitchen design!

Our custom Glass Tables can be created in any color and texture, and can be manufactured from tempered glass to any size or shape you require.  We offer may different edge finishes that can add an even more striking element to your kitchen.

A Glass Backsplash can add a splash color to your kitchen renovation

Options for kitchen backsplashes are nearly endless, one that always stands out is a glass backsplash. It is the best way to customize your color, pattern or design while simplifying the cleaning in your kitchen. Relatively affordable and infinitely customizable, our back-painted backsplashes can come in any color for a minimal clean look.

A digitally printed design can be used to add the look of natural stone, tile or really any design you choose!  We also offer Geo Originals digitally printed, microscopic images that make a bold choice for a backsplash design.

Adding Leaded Glass Inserts to Your Cabinets Can Create Classic Look

Leaded glass inserts in your kitchen cabinets are a great addition that provide a beautiful classic look and can really change the entire room. Not just used in the kitchen cabinetry, leaded glass is a popular choice for windows, doors, hutches and other cabinets around the home.  Leaded glass adds an extra element of style over plain glass alone, and is not just used in historical remodels, but is a popular design trend for modern homes as well.

This stunning kitchen by Indicia Interior Design raises the design bar to new heights with these full height cabinets. With the addition of our hand crafted leaded glass inserts, this kitchen has an abundance of style and elegance. Perfectly paired with the rich green glass tiles and updated brass fixtures makes a colorful design statement

Color and Finishes

GlassArt Design offers custom design glass kitchen solutions with many finishes. Virtually any color of glass is available for your bathroom! You can get many finishes from etched glass, patterned glass or fire molded glass, to carved glass textures or fire polished glass. Glass elements can be finished in many different shapes and edges that give a jagged or eroded look.

If you would like to learn more about GlassArt design’s glass bathroom offerings, we would love to talk to you, contact us or stop by our showroom to learn more!